ETC Nomad Hire

I have 2 Eos Nomad kits that are available for hire.

ETC Eos Nomad Professional (6144)


This kit is built into a flight case. It is roughly the size of an ETC Eos TI.

The flight case contains:

2x 22" Touchscreens

1x ETC Eos Programming Wing

1x ETC Eos Nomad Dongle 6144

1x Lenovo PC


The kit works directly from the flightcase.

Take the lid off, plug in power and data and switch on the desk.

Custom rack panel on rear for Power, DMX and Midi ports.

It supports 1 additional Display.

(HDMI and USB on panel. HDMI to DVI Adapter included)

Please see photos.

£240 per week

ETC Eos Nomad Compact (512)

The Hire package contains:

HP Laptop

X Keys

ETC Nomad Dongle 512

ETC USB - DMX Gadget



£40 per week